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Related article: Affairs of the Heart Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work. Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website: I also hang out in the #BoyBands channel a lot, using my middle name, Colin. Also, you can find me in the room #JCV, also on SolarChat, which is the new chat room for my website. Before I start this installment, I would like to take the time to make a story suggestion. I really do suggest that you read the series, "Black and Blue". I read it earlier today and I must say that I was quite impressed with it. The author deserves major compliment, because the story is Preteen Nn very good, and has what I think is a very interesting, and rarely ever used, at least from what I've read, premise. Please do take the time to read this story! And now, on with Chapter 5 of Affairs of the Heart. :) Chapter 5 Lance sits on the sofa of the suite he is sharing with Brian, flipping aimlessly through channels, not finding anything interesting on tv. Brian comes out of the bedroom and sees Lance looking rather restless and bored, so he quietly sneaks up behind the sofa, before jumping over it, and landing in Lance's lap. Before Lance can say anything, Brian kisses Lance passionately, as his tongue finds it's way into Lance's mouth, eagerly exploring every inch of the already well-charted territory. Brian wraps his arms around Lance's neck, as Lance wraps his arms around Brian's back, and they continue their passionate kiss for several more minutes, before finally coming up for a breath of air. "Hey darling," replies Lance with a grin as he kisses the tip of Brian's nose, which causes Brian to giggle a bit, and put on one of his classic smiles. "Hey, J," replies Brian, as he starts kissing and sucking on Lance's neck. "Why do I get the feeling that my baby is horny?" "Because he is, J. I want you! Badly!" "Okay," replies Lance, more the happy to oblige his boyfriend, "There's nothing good on on tv, anyways." Lance takes one hand from around Brian's back and picks up the remote, quickly turning off the tv. He then every so carefully picks Brian up, and carries him into their bedroom, as they remain locked in a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling around in each other's mouths. Lance gently lays Brian down on the bed, and begins to remove his shirt, as he straddles Brian, who is removing his own shirt. Lance begins to kiss Brian's shoulders and running his soft, velvety tongue over Brian's collarbones. This causes Brian to moan lightly in pleasure. Unfortunately, for them, their moment had to be interrupted. And they both moan loudly as the sound of a fist banging on the door to their suite and Kevin yelling, "Lance! Brian! Come on! I'm sorry to scream like this, but whatever you're doing, you don't have time. Sound checks are in an hour and a half, we've got to go. Now!!" Brian and Lance moan a moment longer, before getting dressed again, and heading for the door to their suite, wanting this concert to be over with as quickly as possible so that they can resume their most recent activities, which were so rudely interrupted. ---- "Oh my god! Congratulations!" replies Justin, with a huge smile, as he gives hugs to both Kristin and Kevin. "Wow! Twins? I bet you too are happy!" replies JC, as he too hugs Kevin and Kristin. "Of course we're happy," replies Kristin, as she briefly looks at Kevin, "it's just that we're also completely terrified." "Well, that's understandable," replies Chris, "You just got used to the idea that you were having one baby. Now you find out you're having two. It'd be enough to terrify anybody." "Kevin, I've been meaning to ask this, and I suppose it really is a stupid question," replies Nick, "But, does your mom and brothers even know yet that Kristin is pregnant?" Kevin gets a strange look on his face before replying, "Oh my god! I can't believe this! I actually forgot to tell them." "You're kidding, right, Kev?" "No, Nick, I'm not. I honestly did forget to tell them. Mom has no idea that she's going to be a grandmother, and Tim and Jerald have no idea either that they've got new nephews or nieces on the way." Nick reaches his hand into the pocket of his khaki pants, pulls out his cell phone, and hands it to Kevin, "Here Kevin, call them. We're going to Lexington soon anyway, so how about you just call them and tell them that you'll be coming over when we get into town. Keep the pregnancy secret for now. It might be better to tell them in person anyway." "Good idea, thanks Nick," replies Kevin, as he turns on Nick's cell phone and dials a number. "Hello?" "Hi, Jerald! It's Kevin." "Hey Kev, what's up?" "Oh nothing much," replies Kevin, "I just thought I'd call and let you know that the tour is bringing us to Lexington soon, so Kristin, the guys and I were all hoping that we could stop by and see you, Tim, and mom." "Of course, Kevin! You know you're always welcome here. Mom will be so happy to know that you're coming." "Yes, I'm sure she will," replies Kevin , "Well, we'll be there in about two weeks, we've just got a few concerts to do. We've got one in New York City tonight at Madison Square Garden. So, I really should be going. Have to get ready for the concert." "Okay, well, I'll tell mom and Tim that you called, and we look forward to seeing you, Kev. Bye." "Bye," replies Kevin, as he clicks the 'end' button on Nick's cell phone and hands it back to Nick, who returns it to his pants pocket. "Okay, come on people," replies Kevin, his business side kicking in, "We have a concert to start getting ready for. Sound checks are in two hours, so we really need to head for the garden like right now." ---- "Diana! Just pick something already!" replies Ashley, getting quite impatient with his sister who has been trying on different outfits that were sent over for her by Ashley's modeling agency for over an hour now, "You'll look good in whatever you choose to wear. Now please just pick something before you make us late!" Ashley, Zach, Kerr, and Scott have all been ready now for the past half hour. Ashley is wearing a pair of black jeans, a short-sleeved black ribbed shirt, a pair of black Nike's, and a thin gold necklace. Zach is dressed almost identical to Ashley, except his jeans, shirt, and shoes are white, and his necklace is silver. Kerr is wearing a pair of black Reebok's, a pair of stonewashed jeans, and a blue silk shirt which he borrowed from Ashley. Scott is wearing a yellow silk shirt, black pants, and a pair of black shoes. Finally, Diana comes out of her bedroom, wearing a pair of white silk slacks, a white silk blouse, and a light blue blazer. Growing up wealthy, Diana has always tended to dress on the classier side, and wouldn't be caught dead wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Diana grew up wealthy, because by the time she was born, when Zach and Ashley were 8 years old, her father had already established himself in the business community, and had a few million dollars in the bank. So she really doesn't understand what it was like for Zach and Ashley, spending the first 6 years of their lives below the poverty level. She honestly can't picture her father working three jobs just to keep food on the table, but she knows that at one time, he did do that. "Quick!" replies Kerr, "Let's go before she changes her mind again and decides that this isn't what she wants to wear." Kerr and Scott get behind Diana, and Zach and Ashley on either side of her, making sure that she can't suddenly turn back to the bedroom and change clothes again, as they head out into the hallway. Ashley locks the door of the apartment and presses the 'arm' button on the key-chain alarm-system controller, before they all head for the elevator to head for the Preteen Nn subway to Madison Square Gardens. Ashley was tempted to take his car, but figured they probably wouldn't be able to find a parking space, so he decided that the subway would just work out better. ---- "Lance! Brian! Come on!" yells Kevin, as he pounds on the door to their suite with his fist, "I'm sorry to scream like this, but whatever you're doing, you don't have time. Sound checks are in an hour and a half, we've got to go. Now!!" Almost instantaneously, the door to Lance and Brian's suite opens, as they emerge from the room, pushing past Kevin, and quickly going to the elevators. Kevin just sighs, and says under his breath, "Calm down, Kevin, everything is going to be fine." Fifteen minutes later, the ten performers are getting out of the limousines in the designated 'save haven' area, and head into Madison Square Garden. They all hurry off to wardrobe and make-up, hoping and praying that this concert will go off without a hitch. Not that any of them really fear that it won't. There's no reason that any Preteen Nn of them can think of for the concert to not go according to planned. At the moment, the tour consists of just the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, with no opening acts. The group O-Town was supposed to open for them for at least the first few shows, but do to a breakdown of communication, that fell through, leaving the tour with no opening act until Aaron Carter joins the tour in the next city, Philadelphia. What with past history with Trans Continental, all of the performers were slightly apprehensive in having O-Town open for them to begin with. Of course they realize that they can't hold the fact that they are connected with Lou Pearlman or Trans Con against the guys of O-Town. Yes, they can't really stand Lou Pearlman that much, but all of the lawsuits are now in the past, and they have all done their best to move on and forget that not so nice chapter of their lives. Anyway, *NSYNC is slated to perform first, followed by the Backstreet Boys, and then back to *NSYNC. The whole concert consists of seventeen songs. The Backstreet Boys performing eight of their songs, and *NSYNC performing eight of theirs, and then performing a medley of two of their songs together as a finale. After both groups complete their before concert rituals, and do the customary prayer, the members of *NSYNC get into position, and head out onto the stage as the announcer calls of their names. Soon the music for "Bye, Bye, Bye" starts to blare through the speakers as the five guys put everything they've got into performing the song. Hey hey Bye, bye, bye (bye, bye) Bye, bye. I'm doing Preteen Nn this tonight You're probably gonna start a fight I know this can't be right Hey baby come on I loved you endlessly When you weren't there for me So now it's time to leave And make it alone I know that I can't take no more It ain't no lie I wanna see you out that door Baby, bye, bye, bye (Bye, bye). Don't wanna be a fool for you Just another player in your game for two You may hate me But it ain't no lie Baby Bye, bye, bye (bye, bye) Don't really wanna make it tough I just wanna tell you that I had enough Might sound crazy But it ain't no lie Baby Bye, bye, bye You just hit me with the truth And girl you're more than welcome to So give me one good reason Baby, come on I lived for you and me And now I've really come to see That life would be so much better Once you're gone. I know that I can't take no more It ain't no lie I wanna see you out that door Baby, bye, bye, bye (Bye, bye). Don't wanna be a fool for you Just another player in your game for two You may hate me But it ain't no lie Baby Bye, bye, bye (bye, bye) Don't really wanna make it tough I just wanna tell you that I had enough Might sound crazy But it ain't no lie Baby Bye, bye, bye I'm giving up I know for sure I don't wanna be the reason for your love no more (Bye, bye) I'm checking out I'm signing off I don't wanna be the loser And I've had enough I don't wanna be your fool In this game for two So I'm leaving you behind Bye, bye, bye As the guys of *NSYNC leave the stage, the announcer quickly calls off the names of each Backstreet Boy as they quickly get into position, and are soon putting everything they've got into the performance of "Larger than Life." I may run and hide When you're screaming my name, alright But let me tell Preteen Nn you now There are prices to fame, alright All of our time spent in flashes of light All you people can't you see, can't you see How your love is affecting our reality Every time we're down You can make it right And that makes you larger than life Looking at the crowd And I see your body sway, c'mon Wishin' I could thank in a different way, c'mon 'Cause all of your time spent keeps us alive All you people can't you see, can't you see How your love is affecting our reality Every time we're down You can make it right And that makes you larger than life All of your time spent keeps us alive All you people can't you see, can't you see How your love is affecting our reality Every time we're down You can make it right And that makes you larger than life Yeah, every time we're down Yeah, you can make it right Yeah, and that's what makes you larger than life All you people can't you see, can't you see How your love is affecting our reality Every time we're down You can make it right And that makes you larger than life. The Backstreet Boys quickly run off stage to get ready for their next song, as *NSYNC comes out to perform their second song of the night. All of the fans are screaming their heads off as they watch their idols up on stage performing their hearts out. ---- "Wow, this is so great!" replies Zach, as he looks down towards the stage and watches *NSYNC performing, 'Tearin' Up My Heart,' "Remind me to thank father for letting us use his private box." "Well, Zach, you know father," replies Ashley, "He'll do everything he can do make sure that his children are happy." "He sounds like a great guy," replies Scott, as he comes into the lounge area of the box from the private seats in front of the box. "Oh, he is, Scott," replies Kerr, "One of these days I'm going to have to make sure to introduce you to Uncle Don." "I'd like that," replies Scott, with a smile, as he leans over and gives Kerr a brief kiss on the cheek. Just as Ashley was about to head back out into the seating area in front of the lounge, his cell phone rings, and he quickly closes the soundproof door between the seating area and the lounge so that he can talk clearly on the phone. Looking at the caller id display, Ashley soon realizes that it's his dad calling. "Hey, dad." "Hi, Ash," replies Donald Smith, "How's the concert? Are you three enjoying yourselves?" "Yeah, we're enjoying ourselves. It's five though." "Five?" "Yeah, I had forgotten that before I came home Preteen Nn to Middlebury for my vacation that I had told cousin Kerr that he could use my apartment while I was gone," replies Ashley, "Di, Zach, and I kinda walked in on him and his boyfriend while they were trying to have a romantic evening. So, Diana invited them to come with us to the concert." "Oh, okay," replies Donald, who can be heard talking to someone in the background, "Well, I'll see what I can do then." "What do you mean, dad?" "Okay, well, if you promise me that you won't scream, or tell the others, I'll tell you." "I promise not to scream, and I promise not to tell anyone else." "Okay, good. I want this to be a surprise for the others," replies Donald, "I've managed to get three backstage passes for Diana, Zach, and you. I'll try to get two more for Kerr and Scott, I can't make any guarantees though." "Well, I'm sure that if you can't get the extra passes, we can figure something out on this end," replies Ashley, "I'm a famous high-paid model, and Kerr and Scott are both fairly successful actors, so maybe we'll be able to pull some strings there to get us all in." "Yes, well, I'll make a few calls, and call you back in twenty minutes," replies Donald, "Talk to you soon, Ash, bye." "Bye, dad," replies Ashley as he pushes the 'end' button on his cell phone and goes out to the seating area, joining Kerr, Scott, Diana, and Zach in watching the Backstreet Boys performing, "I Want it that Way." ---- The concert ends with a medley of "It's Gonna Be Me" and "Everybody" as several pyrotechnics go off all over the stage, and the crowd cheers and cheers endlessly, as the ten performers all run off stage and head back to their dressing rooms. After changing back into their own clothes, they all meet up in a lounge in the backstage to rest for awhile and wait for the all clear from security, so that they can head back to the hotel. Meanwhile at the backstage entrance, five people slowly approach the entrance, and the guard asks them if they have backstage passes. "Well, the thing is, we only have three backstage passes," replies Ashley, "But, I was hoping that since three of us here do have celebrity status, you could just let us pass?" "None of you look familiar," replies the guard, as he looks them over, "Perhaps I've heard your names somewhere?" "Well, I'm a model," replies Ashley, as Diana holds up a copy of a magazine which has Ashley's picture on it, "My name is Ashley Smith." "Oh, yeah! My daughter has Preteen Nn a shrine to you at home," replies the guard with a slight laugh, "I'll let you all in, but just out of curiosity, who are the rest of you?" "I'm Scott Foley," replies Scott, "I play Noah on the tv show Felicity, and I used to play Cliff on Dawson's Creek." "I'm Kerr Smith," replies Kerr, "I'm Ashley's cousin, and I play Jack on Dawson's Creek. The other two here are Ashley's brother, Zach, and his sister, Diana." "Okay, well, despite the fact that I'm not supposed to let anyone in who doesn't have a backstage pass, I guess since three of you have celebrity status, I can bend the rules, just this once," replies the guard, as he motions for another guard to come stand watch, "Follow me." The guard walks down the hallway with the five people in tow, going down several hallways, before finally stopping at a door. Before knocking, the guard replies, "Just let me go in and ask if they're up to visitors right now. Concerts are kinda tiring and they might not feel like it. Okay?" "No problem," replies Diana, as the guard knocks on the door. Someone saying, "Come in" can be heard from the other side of the door, and the guard quickly enters the room, closing the door behind him. "Excuse me sirs, but there's five people outside who'd like to meet you all," replies the guard, "I probably shouldn't have let them all come back here, since they only had three backstage passes between them, but I figured in this case I could bend the rules just a little." "In this case?" asks Joey, a look of curiosity in his eyes, "Why?" "Well, three of them are celebrities," replies the guard. "Sure, send them on in," replies Kevin, with a smile, as he places his hand on Kristin's stomach and feels the babies kicking up a storm again. The guard simply nods, opens the door, and ushers the five people into the room, before leaving, closing the door behind him. "Well, I may be incredibly dense here, or just really tired from performing," replies Nick, "But I don't think I recognize any of these people." "You'll have to excuse us all, concerts are very tiring and sometimes after them our brains aren't working too well," replies AJ, "Could we get some intros?" "No problem," replies Diana, with a smile, "My name is Diana Smith, and this is my brother, Zachary Smith. The one wearing the black ribbed shirt is my brother, Ashley Smith, the model. And then we have our cousin, Kerr Smith, also known as Jack on Dawson's Creek, and a good friend of his, Scott Foley, or Noah on Felicity, and formerly Cliff on Dawson's Creek." "Oh yeah, I thought some of you looked familiar to me," replies Brian, with a smile, "So, did you enjoy the concert?" "Yes, very much so," replies Scott with a grin. "Where a bouts were you sitting?" asks Chris, "I assume you had good seats?" "Yeah, my Uncle Don let us use his private box," replies Kerr, "I was so happy when Ash, Di, and Zach invited us to come with them, because Scott and I tried to get tickets, but the concert was sold old in twenty minutes." Zach looks around the room, and finally rests his eyes on Kevin and Kristin, before replying, "Well, I guess congratulations are in order, huh, Kevin?" "Oh, yes, thank you," replies Kevin with a smile, "Yes, Kristin is pregnant, with twins actually. We just found that out today." "Cool, Zach and I are twins," replies Ashley, "Fraternal." "Cool," replies Kristin with a smile, as she puts her hand on her stomach and replies, "Kevin I swear. I think we have two soccer players on our hands." Everybody smiles or laughs at this comment, before AJ tells the guests to sit down for awhile, and they all start talking for about another half an hour, before they're given the all clear to head back to the hotel. Ashley writes down his cell phone number, and hands it to Kevin, upon his request, and then Ashley, Kerr, Scott, Zach, and Diana head out of the room, as the ten performers head back out to their limousines to go back to the hotel. To be continued... Well, there's Chapter 5 for ya'll. I hope you call enjoyed the story. Please feel free to send my any comments, good or bad, or any suggestions that you might have. If there's something that you don't like about the story, or if there's an element that you just don't think is working, please let me know. The next installment will likely be delayed a little bit, as I need to updated Nick and Brian and The Perfect Couple now, but I will get another installment for this story out as soon as possible. Email: Please include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 My Website: I also hang out in the #BoyBands channel a lot, using my middle name, Colin. Also, you can find me in the room #JCV, also on SolarChat, which is the new chat room for my website.
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